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  • Andy Warhol
  • Roy Lichtenstein
  • Russell Young
  • Anthony "H" Haylock at Ashcroft Art
    Anthony ‘H’ Haylock
  • Simon Gudgeon - Ashcroft Art
    Simon Gudgeon
  • Mark Evans art available with Ashcroft Art
    Mark Evans
  • Jeremy Houghton
  • Banksy - No Ball Games - Ashcroft Art
  • Damien Hirst
  • LS Lowry - Ashcroft ARt
    L.S. Lowry
  • David Wightman
  • Andy Ellis
  • Kim Donaldson - Ashcroft Art
    Kim Donaldson
  • Dominique Salm
    Dominique Salm


  • Terry O'Neill Photography- Ashcroft Art
    Terry O'Neill
  • Adrian Steirn available with Ashcroft Art
    Adrian Steirn
  • David Yarrow available with Ashcroft Art
    David Yarrow
  • Douglas Kirkland photography available from Ashcroft Art
    Douglas Kirkland
  • John Swannell photography available with Ashcroft Art
    John Swannell
  • Sylvie Blum

About Us

James Ashcroft founded Ashcroft Art after spending a number of years working in London’s West End art scene. Passionate about art but equally passionate about our clients, we provide a service that far exceeds expectations.

We work with a broad spectrum of living contemporary artists, as well as secondary market master works and graphics. Though we have assisted in curating a number of London shows and exhibit at International art fairs, we took the active decision not to open a brick and mortar gallery in order not to incur London’s costly overheads, that saving can then be passed direct to the client. As a result of this approach we have managed to procure and sell a vast amount of art work, at significantly less than market value.

Importantly what separates us from other dealers and galleries is that the brief comes from the client in terms of search and sourcing criteria, and direct relationships to artists and collectors are used to meet that brief.

Private Commissions

We have undertaken a wide spectrum of commissions from personal client pieces to corporate environments. As always we work very closely with the client to fulfill their brief. Commissions are either fulfilled through working with a specific artist to fulfill a request, or by working with the space and the type of art that would be most suited to the space.

The world of commissions and corporate art can be difficult to navigate and we try to make the process as smooth, hassle free, fun and rewarding as possible.

If you would like to speak with us about a private commission, we would be happy to help, please contact us.

  • Private Commissions Ellis Boat2
  • Private Commissions Ellis Boat3
  • Private Commissions Photos
  • Private Commissions Photos2
  • Private Commissions Photos3
  • Private Commissions Photos4

Art Attack Offers

Co-signed specials: We have been working closely with a number of the largest names from the golden era of movie making and with their cooperation have put together a fantastic collection of seven co-signed images.

The portfolio is available with matching numbers for a limited period as the images are selling fast individually. The collection includes:

  • Sir Roger Moore as James Bond
  • Marianne Faithfull
  • Faye Dunaway Oscar (B&W)
  • Raquel Welch (Bar top)
  • Bardot Shalako
  • Pussy Galore as Honor Blackman

A Collection of six Silver Gelatin prints in 20″x24” would retail together at £24,000. For a limited period this collection is available for £19,500. Please contact us if you are interested.

  • Co-signed photography of Roger Moore available from Ashcroft Art
    Roger Moore
  • Co-signed photography of Faye Dunaway available from Ashcroft Art
    Faye Dunaway
  • Co-signed photography of Raquel Welch available from Ashcroft Art
    Raquel Welch
  • Co-signed photography of Honor Blackman available from Ashcroft Art
    Honor Blackman
  • Co-signed photography of Marianne Faithful available from Ashcroft Art
  • Co-signed image of Brigitte Bardot available from Ashcroft Art
    Brigitte Bardot

On Instagram

  • Love him or hate him, he’s here to stay and will forever be a pioneer and a major part of art history. I love my new spots by @damienhirst #art #artcollector #art #artdealer #onetokeep #yba #damienhirst
  • Doesn’t feel right sometimes that a lovely little picture like this, so skilfully executed and well over 100 years old just won’t make anything like what it deserves to at auction. #art #talent #oilpainting #realart
  • Very pretty original Warhol shoe re framed for a client. #warhol #shoe #originalart #art #popart #artdealer #andywarhol
  • From the Wall Street Journal. It still surprises me that people often don’t have the confidence or imagination to put money into a picture or sculpture they can keep and enjoy, yet will be at ease buying a stock on a computer screen, invest in art, you just might like it!! 😂 #buyart #invest #collectart #art #wallstreetjournal #2018investment #diversify #buysmart
  • Taking on 2019 like Butch & Sundance. First sale of the year, this fantastic shot in 40x60”. Can’t wait to see it hung. Happy new year 👍#art #photography #butchcassidyandthesundancekid #paulnewman #robertredford
  • So please with how these two amazing paintings have turned out. A beautiful pair specially commissioned for a happy client. @andrew_ellis_artist you’re a genius! #art #painting #oilpainting #talent #grouse #glorioustwelfth #covey #commission #gamebird #drivengrouse #artcollector #artdealer #ashcroftart
  • Days like this I love what I do, just delivered and hung the most stunning picture by @davidyarrow hung in a great friend and clients office. It hangs alongside works by @banksy, Richter, Basquiat and more, a collection I love helping to build. #davidyarrow #art #artdealer #loveyourwork #banksy #basquiat #africa #elephants
  • When Christmas comes early....Thanks so much to @iconicimagesnet and @terryoneillofficial for the beautiful rare and unseen book & print. Love it! #terryoneill #christmas #christmaspresents #vintage #vintageprints #art #photography #merrychristmas
  • Love the new Patrick Hughes “Banksy” just taken in. #patrickhughes #banksy #artdealer #3d #art #3dart #artcollector
  • Beautiful pre Christmas dinner in @annabelsmayfair and amazing job @degournay on the decor, it’s pretty special. #annabels #christmasdinner #mayfair #degournay #interiors #london
  • Slightly out of my norm but THE most beautiful painting in a clients home. #art #oil #oilpainting #beauty #artdealer #interiordesign #workover
  • A few highlights from the past 12 months, there’s too many great works to put up but it’s been a record year with some fabulous pieces being sourced bought, sold and placed. It’s going to be hard to beat. #whatbrexit #crackon #banksy #damienhirst #davidyarrow #terryoneill #basquiat #warhol #miami #caradelevingne #moscow #girlwithballoon #art #artdealer #london #harlandmiller

We are passionate about art, but equally passionate about our clients, and providing them with a service that far exceeds expectations.

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